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Why Small Pouches Matter

Why Small Pouches Matter

One of my favorite IG accounts is diaryofanhonestmom. This mom from Canada is generally just a hysterical person who does funny dances while making videos about motherhood. The other day she posted about mothers feeling overstimulated. I completely relate to that feeling! When I am overstimulated, I literally stop being able to hear or think because there is so much coming at me from voices to being physically needed to do something. I just stop in my tracks. One of the few things that gets me back to reality is having very specific ways that I can count on to keep me organized when my brain is both foggy and on hyperdrive. For example, when I see my purse and see the yellow and purple pouches I know, that those bags carry my essentials to get out the door. If I individually had to account for each item in those bags, I couldn't manage. This is why when I see bags in an array of sizes and colors I think "thank you!" not "why?" Can you relate? For me as a mom and someone who is always on the go, I love having pouches that contain specific items. For example make-up, earbuds, museum memberships, pens and notepad. The list goes on. So here's a cheers to pouches!

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